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Expertise in materials and process engineering, safety engineering, creativity, trade secrets and patents.
Developments and inventions since 1951. Credible, persuasive courtroom testimony since 1962.

Ray Hauser Record of Testimony, per Daubert Ruling, 1990-Present

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YearDateProject#, Client and CaptionTopicDepo or Trial
199701-23M70025, Long; DiDomenico v. Classic Fuels, Boulder, 95CV1122fire, burn injuryD
 02-12L40527, Sellar; Delta Tanning v.Smidt Chemical, USDC CA#91-3467coating on leather    T
 04-24L51836, Gruel; Custer v. Rossignol, Kent Cty MI 96-03590-NPski failureD
 05-13M70161, Descher; Classic Woodworking v. Wilsonart, St.Louis MO 679150 div 17Adhesive failureD
 05-20M70201, Burg; State Farm v. Bauer's Electric, Boulder, 96CV434 div 2plastics in fireD
 06-11M70201, Burg; State Farm v. Bauer's Electric, Boulder 96CV434 div 2plastics in fire    T
 12-17M80147, Howrey; IMPRA v. Boston Sci., Cty of Maricopa AZ C-96-02200ePTFE trade secretsD
199804-15M80070, Goodman; Goodyer v. Chiles-Heatway, N.Dist.Ohio 5:97 CV0335hose/heating systemsD
 07-09911547, Bradbury; Wainwright Alik School v Western Insulfoam
M70035 & E90181, Mathews;
foam insulationD
 11-23E90023, Walberg; Herdrich &
Bryony v. Heatway & Goodyear
Eagle County CO, 96 CV 467
hydronic hoseD
199901-25E90628, Hunter, Hunter-Douglas v. Comfortex,
NY 98-CV-0479
bonded assembly patent, window blindsD
 05-03E90848, Mazur, Zarzicki v. Findley, Wayne Cty MI 97 713 353 NOexplosion, solventsD
 09-20E90928, Campbell; Mariah Boats v. AOC, et al
Southern Dist. E. St. Louis IL #97-4006-DRH
fiberglass compositeD
 10-13E90624, Ulmer, Goodyear v. Chiles-Heatway, N.Dist. Ohio 5:97 CV0335hose/heating systemsD
 10-27E90433, Struckmeyer, Hartford Ins. V. Floors Unlimited,
Superior Court, Maricopa Cty AZ No. CV 97-20426
Ignition of sanded coatingD

dates and events prior to December 1993 were reconstructed from calendars and from project files, may not be complete

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