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Expertise in materials and process engineering, safety engineering, creativity, trade secrets and patents.
Developments and inventions since 1951. Credible, persuasive courtroom testimony since 1962.

Ray Hauser Record of Testimony, per Daubert Ruling, 1990-Present

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YearDateProject#, Client and CaptionTopicDepo or Trial
199401-18L31474, Russo; LA West Dist CV92-0360 sect L-OWood preservative P-9 oilD
 03-24L30046, Lozow; Arap Cty. Dist 93-CR-551Trailer hitch hookup safety    T
 04-05L40114, Hirst; USDC WYO Civ 93-CV-277JFire accident, Coker gas oil loadingD
 06-20L31730, Hanson; USDC Iowa 494-CV-80130Fire accident, acetone adhesive removerD
 10-27L41188, Parcel; Douglas Cty. Dist 92-CV-565 Div 1Leaking underground gasoline tank    T
 11-22L40527, Sellar; USDC NJ CA91-3267 (WGB)Faded coatings on leather upholsteryD
 12-13L41815, Sundahl; USDC Wyo First Jud Docket 137 #29Halogen headlamp in vehicle accidentD
199507-28L50097, Chrisman; Newmont v. CIR/CO, CA 94-M-2738liner/adhesive disbondD
 08-24L51170, Sashco; DAP v. Sashco, C-3-92-407, Dayton OHSealantsD
 12-12L51670, Fernandez; 94-11555-F, Dallas TXContact AdhesiveD
199601-29L52010, Miller; S.Dakota v.Baker, Winner SDAlleged arson, propane    T
 05-01L51873, Morrisard; Kruse v SoPac 94-B-2027, Denver COchemical safety, alkaline mistsD
 07-18L51908, Lapin; Cowan v. Borgstrom, 95CV68-2, Boulder COtrailer hitch releaseD
 08-07L51908, Lapin; Cowan v. Borgstrom, 95CV68-2, Boulder COtrailer hitch release    T
 08-20L50281, Brewer; Hines v. Liberty Mutual 4:94CV1424(DEJ) Houstonadhesive disbondingD
 11-20M70082, Worrell; Wilson v. McCleary & CH, 95CV842, DenverDenver Dist medical implantD
 12-03M70082, Worrell; Wilson v. Childrens Hospital, 95CV842, Denvermedical implant    T
 12-10C70097, Woodworkers; Wirth v. Woodworkers, 95CV1442, Arapahoe Ctylacquer failureD
 12-13L60160, Long; Schultz v. Payless, 95CV2195, Denverlacquer fireD

dates and events prior to December 1993 were reconstructed from calendars and from project files, may not be complete

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