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Ray Hauser Record of Testimony, per Daubert Ruling, 1990-Present

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YearDateProject#, Client and CaptionTopicDepo or Trial
199001-16L91098, Malibu Pools v. Insl-XPaint formulation and failuresD
 02-22L70206, Young; Maui v. United AircraftFiberglass pipe failuresD
 05-14L90450, Williams Garfield CO Civ 88CV9Heat Exchanger failure, corrosionD
 06-19L Fowler, re Horizon glassOpaque filmD
 06-21L00593, Holland; Renaud v. MMCChemical contamination of waterD
 09-17L81018, Barrett; Sacramento Cty CA Case 353984Fiberglass tank failureD
 12-04L81018, Barrett; Sacramento Cty CA Case 353984Fiberglass tank failure    T
199101-14L11468, Wilcox; Yuma Cty 90CV16Fire, insurance claimD
 02-06L-----, Parcel; DenverFuels in soil at Stapleton AirportD
 02-22L-----, Boyd; HoustonFiberglass Pipe LeakageD
 05-20L10239, Garrett; East OK Dist, Graham vs Kelly-MoorePaint solvent flammabilityD
 07-23L10628, Merritt; US Dist Ft.Smith Ark
    Hembree v Detector
Safety of paint spray booth, explosion    T
 08-07L81138, Melat; El Paso Cty 89CV3804 div 10Ski boot buckle failureD
 09-17L81138, Melat; El Paso Cty 89CV3804 div 10Ski boot buckle failureD
 10-23L10088, Michaud; Sedgwick Cty KS civil 90C255L-tryptophan injuryD
 10-26L22288, Moffett; Idaho Dist Ct, Civ 90-0439SSeat belt breakageD
 12-11L11143, Epstein; Bldr cty 90-CV-957 div 2Chemical burn from hot teflon    T
 12-19L11636, Gilbert; Davis v. GreenwoodFlammability of crude oilD
199201-14L11468, Wilcox; Yuma Cty 90CV16Fire, insurance claim    T
 02-06L90268, Morrisard; Civ-90-684-TUC WDBRespirator, inhalation injuryD
 02-24L10988, Williams; Dallas Dist Ct cause 90-02488-LInhalation injury, paint solventsD
 04-17L10532, Holland; Idaho 4 Jud Dist case 92652Oil preservative for wood    T
 04-24L20310, Epstein; Den Cty 91-CV-2928 court 2Chemicals in foamed glass insulationD
 09-01L00113, Hessler/Ruh; Countertops IM v BordenContact Adhesive failureD
 11-04L21222, Epstein; Den Cty 92-CV-1159 court 4Plastic hook on luggage carrierD
199303-30L81138, Melat; El Paso Cty 89CV3804 div 10Ski boot buckle failureD
 06-15L30611, French; Bldr Cty 91 CV 639Safety of pasta makerD
 08-23L30669, Ponderosa; Jeff Cty 92-CV-2415Flammable solvent, fireD
 09-23L31093, Jones; Ransom v Camcraft, New Orleans,div K 85-18331,paint vapor explosionD
 10-29L21501, Brewer; East.Dist.MO, 91-0194-C-6Adhesive failure, building panelsD
 11-08L920959, McDermott; Arap Cty 92-CV-2003Plastic catheter breakageD

dates and events prior to December 1993 were reconstructed from calendars and from project files, may not be complete

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