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Expertise in materials and process engineering, safety engineering, creativity, trade secrets and patents.
Developments and inventions since 1951. Credible, persuasive courtroom testimony since 1962.


EDUCATION:PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of Colorado, 1957
M.Eng., Chemical Engineering, Yale University, 1952
B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Illinois, 1950
2000-PresentRay Hauser Expertise, Boulder CO
   Owner, consultant in materials engineering, product development, innovation, expert testimony.
1961-1999Hauser Laboratories, Boulder CO
   Senior Scientist
    Specialist in polymeric materials, their chemistry, formulation, applications, performance,
   specifications, and failure analysis.
   Specialist in chemical safety related to fires, explosions and toxic environments.
   Expert testimony.
1957-1961Martin-Marietta Corporation, Denver CO
   Successively Group Engineer for Nonmetallic Materials,
   Supervisor of Materials Engineering Unit,
   Head of Materials Technical Staff,
   and Project Manager of Contract AF 33 (616)-7271.
   Responsible for selection and development of materials for the Titan ICBM,
   including insulations, coatings, adhesives, lubricants, sealants, structures and
   ablative materials. Specialist in materials/propellant compatibility.
1954-1957University of Colorado, Boulder CO
   Technical staff and instructor
    Responsible for development of high-temperature adhesives with high thermal
   conductivity for aerodynamic heating simulation.
   Taught engineering drawing. Was Visiting Lecturer in Departments of
   Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering (1957-1969)
1952-1954U. S. Army, Aberdeen Proving Ground MD
   Sergeant upon discharge
   Testing of protective coatings for ordnance applications. Performed basic
   research on solution properties of polymers.
1950-1952Connecticut Hard Rubber Company, New Haven CT
   Senior Project Engineer
     Projects included development of methods for bonding rubber to Teflon™
   and Kel-F™ plastics (first U.S. Patent for bonding to Teflon™), development
   of pressure-sensitive silicone adhesives, and basic research on the swelling
   characteristics of silicone elastomers in solvents.

PR means Peer Reviewed

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2,705,691, "Lamination or Coating of Fluorine-Substituted Polyethylenes
with or on Other Substances."

2,945,773, "Lamination or Coating of Fluorine- Substituted Polyethylenes
with or on Other Substances."

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Dispensing Capsule with Detachable Actuator,"
also Britain 727,286; France 1,394,416.

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Electromedical Applications."

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4,226,247, "Biological Electrode.

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Forming such a Device."

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5,470,820, "Electroplating of Superconductor Elements."

5,540,714, "Disposable Tourniquet"

6,082,371, "Hair Clip Having Novel Gripping Mechanism and Removable Decorative Attachment"

6,649,891, "Microwavable Food Storage Container"

6,810,618, "Support For a Flexible Tree Covering"

6,983,876, "Tool Siezing Apparatus for Deterring Vandals"

7,014,098, "Marking and Odorant Dispenser for Deterring Mailbox Vandalism"


Listing, American Men and Women of Science, 1989-

Listing, Marquis Who’s Who in Finance and Industry, 1970-

Distinguished Engineering Alumnus, University of Colorado, 1991

University Medal, University of Colorado, 1995

Fellow, American Association for Advancement of Science, 1995

Listing, Marquis Who’s Who in USA, 1996-

Gold Medal for Engineering Career Excellence, Colorado Engineering Council, 1999

Listing, Who's Who in Plastics and Polymers, 2001

Fellow, Society of Plastics Engineers, 2004

Fellow, Society for Advancement of Materials and Process Engineers, 2006



Registered Professional Engineer, Colorado #4052, December 1959
Registered Safety Engineer, California, #SF3107, October 1978.

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