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Ray L. Hauser, PhD, PE
5758 Rustic Knolls Drive
Boulder, Colorado 80301
Tel 303-527-0344, Fax 303-527-0758
Web pages: www.rayhauser.com
e-mail: rayh@rayhauser.com

Expertise in materials and process engineering, safety engineering, creativity, trade secrets and patents.
Developments and inventions since 1951. Credible, persuasive courtroom testimony since 1962.

Ray Hauser Professional Employment Record

1990-1999Hauser Laboratories Division of Hauser, Inc. Boulder, Colorado
Senior Scientist
Oversight of forensic investigations for chemical and engineering groups.
Failure analysis and expert testimony related to polymeric materials and safety.
Expert testimony related to litigation of patents and trade secrets.
Training and guidance of personnel in failure analysis and testimony.
Development of special formulations of polymers and special plastics for
  consumer and medical applications.
Private Investor, Director, and Audit Committee for incubator companies.
1961-1989Hauser Laboratories, Littleton and Boulder, Colorado
Partner or sole proprietor, and Research Director.
Consulting, testing and development for industry and government.
Special study of materials for scientific ballooning (NCAR contract).
Development of capillary network for artificial lung (NHI).
Development of special electrode systems for electrocardiography.
  (NASA, US Patents 3,565,054, 3,710,782 and 4,226,247)
Specifications and materials testing methods developed for juvenile industry.
Sandwich panel developments and design.
Development of artificial insemination packaging and delivery systems.
  (US Patent 3,256,884)
Development of high temperature superconductor elements.
  (US Patents 5,244,875 and 5,470,820)
Development of biodegradable golf tee. (US Patent 5,046,730)
Development of heat flux sensor for pipelines. (US Patent 4,541,728)
1957-1961Martin-Marietta Corporation, Littleton, Colorado
Group Engineer, Unit Head of Materials Engineering, Materials Technical Staff.
Developed techniques for installing strain gauges for use on missile
  throughout temperature range -420 to + 500F.
Designed thermal protection system for hydraulic and electrical lines
  within the engine compartment contributing significantly to the success
  of the first launch of Titan ICBM.
Developed theory and techniques for testing impact survival of materials in
  contact with liquid oxygen (WPAFB contract #AF 33 (616)-7271).
1954-1963University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
Part-time Instructor in Engineering Drawing.
Research Staff, Research Services Laboratory.
Visiting Lecturer in Chemical, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.
Developed special high temperature adhesives for studies in simulation
  of aerodynamic heating.
Taught Stoichiometry, Flow of Fluids, Heat Transfer, Materials Science,
Materials Engineering and Aerospace Materials.

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