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Ray L. Hauser, PhD, PE
5758 Rustic Knolls Drive
Boulder, Colorado 80301
Tel 303-527-0344, Fax 303-527-0758
Web pages: www.rayhauser.com
e-mail: rayh@rayhauser.com

Expertise in materials and process engineering, safety engineering, creativity, trade secrets and patents.
Developments and inventions since 1951. Credible, persuasive courtroom testimony since 1962.

Talks Available from Ray Hauser Expertise

General Audiences 
 Science in the Courtroom30-45 minutes
 Creativity25 minutes
 Hazards in the Home25 minutes
 Goal-Setting25 minutes
 Genealogy- from Zero to Ten Generations in Four Months25 minutes
Attorneys, Claims and Insurance Audiences  
 Science in the Courtroom30 to 60 minutes
 Lessons From 38 Years of Courtroom Testimony25 minutes
 How Honest is your Expert?25 minutes
 Goal Setting25 minutes

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